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Recovery from addiction is possible for your loved one.

Recovery is not just a dream; it's a reality waiting to be embraced. 

Your loved one can recover, and the key to their journey often begins with the family. 

If your loved one is suffering with addiction, then chances are you are no stranger to the immense challenges that come with it.

Many approaches to recovering from addiction are focused on one person: the addict.  

These tactics aren't wrong or bad, but they tend to leave out the family unit as a whole.

It's crucial for your family to seek the right guidance so you can learn how to offer the right support to your addicted loved one.

The Family Recovery Workshop will show you how to provide the effective support your loved one needs, while also guiding you on stepping out of the cycle of addiction that may have left you feeling helpless. 

It's about finding a new way to invite the addicted person to join you on the road to healing and hope.

If you're looking for the RIGHT support, this is it.

Three Days Of Live Training To Navigate The Challenging Path Of Addiction And Find Your Way To A Brighter Future.

Your 3-Day Agenda:

Strategies for Supporting Your Loved One's Recovery

Understand the importance of setting boundaries while fostering love, respect, and hope. Gain insights into addiction treatment options and effective communication techniques.

Nurturing Your Own Well-Being in the Journey of Recovery

Explore the vital concept of self-care and emotional well-being. Discover how to manage your own emotions, regain your sense of self, and find peace within the chaos.

Building Lasting Family Recovery Together

How to build lasting family recovery. Discover the power of unity, empowerment, and collective healing. Strengthen the bonds within your family and create an environment of safety and support.

You Will Walk Away With Powerful Tools & Strategies To Transform The Lives Of Both Your Loved One And Your Family.

Strategies to support your loved one's recovery.
Tools to set healthy boundaries with your addicted family member.
Knowledge of effective addiction treatment options.
Emotional management and self-care techniques.
Communication skills to encourage your loved one to listen.
A sense of peace, safety, and unity within your family.

Don't let addiction control your life any longer. 

Join us on this transformative journey towards family recovery. 

Together, we can build a brighter future filled with love, support, and lasting recovery.

Meet Your Host
Jon Rokochy
Over 20 years experience working with addicts and their loved ones
Hundreds of families supported in breaking free from addiction to live in freedom
Brilliant Strategies Founder - Offering powerful, life-changing coaching for loved ones of addicts
Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Counseling
Family Program Intensive Creator & Facilitator
Creator & Host of "When You Love An Addict" Summit  & "Family Recovery Summit"
Husband to (the beautiful!) Shannon and dog-dad to Edward

Don't Spend Another Day In Chaos & Feeling Out Of Control

Come learn with other family members who are going through similar situations. 

Restore hope. Reignite your faith.

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