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Accelerate Your Family's Recovery With Personalized Support, The Family Recovery Workbook, & On-Demand Access To Recordings

You Will Receive:

Personalized Recovery Coaching With Jon Rokochy:
xclusive VIP access to daily Hot Seat Coaching and Q&A sessions led by Jon himself. Get customized solutions for your unique situation, find clarity, receive expert answers, and leave with a concrete game plan. 
Comprehensive Workshop Workbook (PDF):
This in-depth workbook is designed to enrich your learning experience. Document your 'AHA' moments, craft a precise game plan, and establish firm boundaries. The workbook also features additional worksheets to deepen your understanding and growth.
On-Demand Workshop Recordings:
Revisit the workshop's valuable insights and teachings whenever you want. With exclusive access to the recordings, you can reinforce your knowledge, review key takeaways, and ensure you never miss a moment of transformation.

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Total Value of $1000

"Being part of Brilliant Strategies has not only helped me to see how addiction has negatively impacted me but Jon through his training sessions has given me tools to change. Today, I can declare that I am a changed, confident and strong woman. We enabled our son for so many years thinking we were helping but nothing changed. Jon made it clear that my husband and I didn’t have to stay stuck in this habit. With regular support not only from Jon but from other group members we’ve been able to set a healthy boundary for our son and we’ve been able to stick to it! I highly recommend Jon and Brilliant Strategies!"


"My wife and I recently completed six months of life coaching and training provided by Jon. I wasn't sure how coaching could help us deal with our son's addiction but was pleasantly surprised by the results. We have struggled with enabling and owning our son's problems. Jon's coaching and training has helped us to understand and manage our emotions and to develop our own life plan and focus. He helped us see what was holding us back from having the peace of mind that addiction took from our family. I highly recommend him!"


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